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WE need more love, more understanding, more YOU. Life cannot move on without your part, your light, your voice and heart. Share your soul in order for us to grow. It all starts at home, then spreads to the world. 


I gave myself away to the sun for being the only one that's shown me true light and color. No one has shared as much warmth nor has kissed me so pure to keep my spirit on fire.


Filled with enough light to sustain life. The tribulation you left behind is now completely out of sight. With such a unique way of finding love without physical touch. Please, share with us your true art.


Sometimes the best way to remain sane is behind closed doors. No bother, no cruelty from the outside world. No noise, no movements around but yours. Safe place to meditate, write your feelings away. Close your eyes and find yourself in the comfort zone.


You have in you the capacity to change the view of your own universe. You've shown truth and growth. Now many share with you their love and support. That is true love. That is hope. Creating a prosperous life your heart deeply deserves. 


Understanding yourself through art and nature. With all the light and flowers surrounding your spirit. Understand how meaningful it is to grow in space of loneliness. Where you can find self love and hope. Overcoming those feelings of shame and remorse. To reach freedom in your mind. Express freedom in your life.


Still frames capture her art inside a safe box. But there's still vulnerability in the air chattering her heart. Yet, self love is enough to cleanse the atmosphere around her. Removing all harm with acceptance and comfort. 


Unlike the sun not every one deserves your energy. Be patient, listen to your surroundings. Leave your light for the ones who deserve it. 
So feel free to love, to move, to become. Good will find your way, peace will thrive in your mind, growth in your meaning of life. 


The best moments in our lives are more than just flowers and romantic nights. It's reaching your soul with trust and faith. Keeping you warm but respecting your space. Watching you grow and healing your pain by being close and listening to those stressful days. 


There will be someone with a good heart. Someone that with every touch will expand your happiness, comfort and love. Focus on yourself and bring your ideas to life. Never rush, love will come at its time. 


I am the sky, darkness a mystery. The stars cast light, my vulnerability. Emotionally dense, it's all in the past. Welcome new light, life before sunrise. 


There are moments in our lives without clarity. Where there is no explanation, no understanding of why things happen. But it'll be alright. Let the moments flow. Steady your mind and keep calm to remain in control. Remember where you stand and realize how far you've come. No doubt you're stronger than once thought.   

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